Blacklist is Colorado's elite Strongman, Barbell and Powerlifting gym. Come train at your own level with top ranked athletes and coaches to get stronger and have fun with our family of athletes. Come see what we’re about.


Blacklist is Colorado's elite Strongman, Barbell and Powerlifting gym. Come train at your own level with top ranked athletes and coaches to get stronger and have fun with our family of athletes. Try a free intro class today.
Blacklist is Colorado's elite Strongman, Barbell and Powerlifting gym. Come train at your own level with top ranked athletes and coaches to get stronger and have fun with our family of athletes. Come see what we’re about.


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Tried and tested movements and techniques for getting bigger and stronger.


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Olympic barbell weight training classes for up to four members at a time.


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Science-based strength training for beginners and advanced lifters alike.


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open gym

Open 24/7/365. train at our facility. Anytime. No matter what. Come on in.

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Blacklist gym community

We’re more than a gym. We’re a community.

About Us

We value technique over ego, safety over carelessness, and direction over chaos. Tanna Rae “TR”, our Founder, has stood by this philosophy to become a Pro Strongman Athlete (only female Pro in the state), Masters Strongman Champion, and a 2x Arnold Classic Strongman competitor.

We’re a community of athletes with different backgrounds and skill levels, all working to grow beyond our limits within a judgment-free environment.

If you’re looking for a strongman gym, a functional training program or overall strength training for women, men, pros, or newbies in Denver, CO, we’re the ideal strongman gym for all levels.

Your gainz are our gainz. We cheer, clap and scream for all of our athletes!

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Train Like an Athlete.

Our Classes


Learn the proper technique to build a solid foundation in our Intro to Strongman Class. Focus on more advanced moves in our Level 2 Strongman class. Gain the stamina to perform in Strongman Cardio.


Our Barbell Club class teaches you Olympic lifting in a small class environment of up to four people to ensure safety, personal attention, and an environment designed for real learning. It's an ideal Olympic lifting class.


Join Heather, Elite USPA Powerlifter and Blacklist’s new coach, in our Powerlifting Training Class, where you can go from picking up a bar to pro-level Wilks scores.

Training & Programming

Train with experts

Snag One-On-One Strongman Training with one of our certified coaches of your choice to target specific needs and interests. They’ll work with you every step of the way.

Train with our highly qualified coaches no matter where you are by registering for one of our Remote Strongman Programming or Coaching classes including, one of the best crossfit training programs out there, Invictus Training and Nutrition Coaching.

Get on our InBody scanner so we can analyze your body composition and track your nutrition and strength goals by seeing your composition change!

*NEW* Training for an amateur or professional event? Feel ready. Each Blacklist membership includes Event Prep, personalized assistance, and Strongman coaching for competitions and events.

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Find Your Time

The Gym

Open Gym 24/7/365
Open 24/7/365 so you can train when you like. Sign up for specific membership for open gym access in Denver.
Colorado’s Only 60 ft Runway
The only gym in Colorado with a 60-foot runway dedicated to our strongman carry event training for year round gainz!
5,000 sq ft Training Facility + All Your Equipment Needs
From atlas stones to circus dumbbells and jerk blocks, we’ve got the implements. If we don’t have a piece you need for an upcoming event, we’ll get it for you.

Why Choose Us?

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Real, Measurable Results
Blacklist is for those who want to get and stay strong. We’ve helped people go from “I'm interested in learning Strongman stuff” to competing in local and national Strongman events.
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Proven Coaches Who Are Also Athletes
Members get direct access and hands-on training by professional Strongmen and world titleholders. Our certified coaches are accomplished at the highest levels.
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Here For You
Our mission is to help you grow as an athlete, whether it’s your first time picking up a barbell or your 10th competition. We do this by valuing hard work, kindness, and support for each other.

Our Coaches

tanna rae coach
Owner and CEO

Tanna Rae is the owner and CEO of Blacklist and a professional strongman. She’s the 2019 Strongman Master’s Champion, a 2019, 2020 Arnold Classic Strongman Athlete and a 2014 Crossfit Regionals Athlete. TR was not an athlete until later in life…starting in her 30s! She coaches strongman classes and is available for 1:1 coaching / training sessions.

coach pat
General Manager

General Manager of Blacklist  •  CrossFit L1 / CrossFit Kids  •  Associates in Exercise Science  •  Former Collegiate Basketball Player  •  I coach the Functional Fitness classes  •  I am available for 1:1 coaching / training sessions  •  I am available for virtual coaching

coach nick
3+ years of Strongman Competition

Middleweight Amateur Strongman  •  3+ years of Strongman Competition Experience  •  5 year active Marine Corps Service  •  Electronic Engineering Technology Student  •  I am available for 1:1 coaching / training sessions  •  Fruit Connaisseur

coach Anthony
2020 Middle Weight Strongman National Champion

2020 Middle Weight Strongman National Champion  •  Professional Middle Weight Strongman  •  Competed at the Arnold Classic 3x  •  Huge mozzarella enthusiast  •  Available for 1:1 coaching/training

coach heather
Elite USPA Powerlifter

Elite USPA Powerlifter  •  Master of Science, Applied Health Science  •  Bachelor of Science, Kinesiology  •  Certified Exercise Physiologist, Personal Trainer, and Health Coach since 2007  •  Director of Fitness at the Colorado Schoo. of Mines  •  I teach powerlifting classes and provide programming and provide powerlifting programming for Blacklist members.  •  Available for 1 on 1 coaching and remote coaching

coach terry
2x Strongman World Titles

Strongman Programming Coach for Blacklist  •  Professional Strongman  •  Record Holder  •  2x World Titles ’17 ’18  •  Americas Strongest Man ’19  •  I provide strongman programming to Blacklist for all athletes as a part of your membership. I also provide personalized remote programming and coaching.

Blacklist is Colorado's best strongman, powerlifting, and Olympic lifting gym with science-based strength training and professional coaches to get you gainz.

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